Church #nofilter 11.3

Pray and read

Thank God for his word and his wisdom revealed in it. Ask God to work powerfully by his Spirit that you might grow in your love and knowledge of Jesus. Read 1 Corinthians 7:21-24.


Paul turns to another example, that of slaves. What does he say to those who were slaves when they came to know the Lord?

What do these few verses teach us about freedom in Christ? What does it mean to be the Lord’s freed person? What does it mean to be Christ’s slave? 

How might this example shed light on the wider context of chapter 7 and Paul’s discussion of marriage and singleness?

Verse 24 is much the same as verses 20 and 17, with one addition. What is it? How does this flow out of the few verses which precede it?


Do you think of yourself as Christ’s slave? How might thinking that way affect your attitude toward your current life situation (whether married or single)? How would living as Christ’s slave change the way you live in that situation this week?


Thank God for calling us into relationship with him by his Son. Ask him to help you live as though responsible to him today.

Providence City