Church #nofilter 11.2

Pray and read

Thank God for his word and his wisdom revealed in it. Ask God to work powerfully by his Spirit that you might grow in your love and knowledge of Jesus. Read 1 Corinthians 7:17-20.


What is Paul’s instruction to the Corinthians in these few verses?

What does he mean by calling here? Called to what?

What do we learn about the Lord’s role in the life situation we are in? What is Paul saying about being Christian and our life situation?

Paul uses the example of circumcision, though it’s a nonsensical example in some ways (one cannot become uncircumcised). How is he using this example in light of the wider context of chapter 7? What point is he trying to make?


Reflect on your own life situation, whether married or single. Do you trust that the Lord has assigned your situation at this time? What will it look like to live out your Christian life in that situation, however long it lasts? What opportunities does it afford you to serve others?


Give thanks to God for his generosity in calling you to himself in the Lord Jesus. Ask him to give you joy in serving him in the situation he has assigned you at this time.

Providence City