Church #nofilter 10.4

Having addressed their question about the goodness of sex in verse 1, those single in verses 6-9, those married in verses 10-11; Paul now addresses those married to an unbeliever in verses 12-16.

Read: 1 Corinthians 7:12-16


How should Paul’s opinion be understood (1 Cor 7:12), now that it is part of God’s revelation in the Bible?

Why should the believer stay with an unbeliever in marriage? Is this Paul condoning Christians marrying non-Christians?

What does verse 14 mean that the partner is “made holy” by the believing partner? 

What would God’s call to peace in verse 15 look like in divorced marriages?

How is verse 16 motivation for living out God’s call for peace? 


For many Corinthians, who have just become Christian, their partners would have not joined the faith. Therefore, the temptation to separate is understandable! But Paul corrects their desires in verses 12-16. More important than the “ideal” marriage is the salvation of those we are married too. In fact, Paul is changes the longing we have in marriage to ultimately be the other’s salvation. 


Thank God for the marriages at Providence and ask they would focus on Jesus first and not idolise their partner.

Ask God for those married to non-Christians that the non-Christian partner would come to love Jesus themselves.

Ask God for those married to non-Christians that the Christian partner would grow in faith and ability to explain the hope that they have.   

Providence City