Church #nofilter 10.3

Having addressed their question about the goodness of sex in verse 1, those single in verses 6-9. Paul now addresses those married in verses 10-11.

Read: 1 Corinthians 7:10-11


Why do you think Paul adds “Not I, but the Lord” in verse 10? What effect does this have on the following verses?

What does verse 10-11 tell you about marriage?

What does verse 10-11 tell you about divorce?


Some wedding ceremonies quote Mark 10:9, “what God has joined together let not man asunder.” Paul is continuing Jesus’ theology of marriage by commanding Christians to remain married. Yet also conceding that divorce will occur (1 Cor 7:11). Read Ephesians 5:29-31 and consider how you can encourage the marriages around you or the one are in towards greater faithfulness. 


Thank God for the gift of marriage.

Ask God that those in marriage who are finding it lonely and difficult would know God’s love and his church family.

Ask God for those divorced that they would be supported at Providence, supported in their specific circumstances and valued like any other ProvChurcher. 

Providence City