Church #nofilter 10.2

Having addressed their question about the goodness of sex in verse 1. Paul starts to address all the different kinds of relationships within the Corinth church, starting with those who are single.

Read: 1 Corinthians 7:6-9


Why do you think Paul wishes that all Christians were like himself in verse 7?

How does the gift of God in verse 7 allow someone to remain single? 

Why do you think Paul would want unmarried and widows to remain single in verse 8?

What does Paul’s concession in verse 9 tell you about sex and marriage? 


Prior to Christianity and the ministry of Jesus, singleness was not valued in the world. In fact, it was viewed as a social, economic and familial tragedy, particularly for females. However, Paul elevates singleness as something he wishes for all  people! For those of us single, we can know that in God’s view singleness does not make someone “less” valuable but is cherished and valuable in God’s sight.  


Thank God for the circumstances and relationships he has put us in.

Ask God that those single in Providence would find church family and community in its difficulties.

Ask God that for the provision of marriage for those single in Providence where needed.

Ask God that Providence would value singleness like He does.. 

Providence City