Church #nofilter 10.1

In a previous letter, the Corinth church wrote a letter to Paul asking whether it is good for a man not to have sex with a women. Chapter 7 contains Paul’s reply.

Read: 1 Corinthians 7:1-5


Why might the Corinthians thought that it was better for a man not to have sex with a women (verse 1)?

Why do you think Paul has only addressed this question after 5:1-6:20?

What do verses 2 and 5 tell you about one of the purposes of marriage?

What does verses 3-4 about one’s body in marriage?

What does verse 5 suggest about Satan’s agency and human agency? 



Marriage in 1 Corinthians 7 is shown to be a selfless giving of your body to the other. There is no room for domination nor coercion nor overbearing demand, particularly in regards to sex. Consider, whether married or single, when we tend to think our body is for our use instead of service to God and/or our partners.



Thank God for the gift of marriage and pray for the strengthening of marriages at Providence.

Thank God for the continuing faithfulness of those not married in Providence.  

Ask God that he will correct our heart's tendency to use bodies selfishly. 

Providence City