Church #nofilter 9.1

Pray and read

Thank God for his word and his wisdom revealed in it. Ask God to work powerfully by his Spirit that you might grow in your love and knowledge of Jesus. Read 1 Corinthians 6:12-17.


Paul quotes the Corinthians three times in verses 12-13. What do the quotes reveal about the Corinthians attitudes? What might they have gotten wrong about the Christian faith? Why might Paul respond in the way he does?

What is Paul’s argument against sexual immorality? How does he use Jesus’ resurrection and ours in that argument? How does he use the quote from Genesis 2 in that argument?


How might the reality of Jesus’ resurrection and our union with him affect what you do with your body? Are there changes you need to make - to your sexual practices? To the way you treat your body in other ways?


Praise God that for our union with Christ and the hope we have of resurrection life. Ask God to help you live in light of that reality, as one whose body will be raised immortal on the last day.

Providence City