Church #nofilter 8.2


Thank God for his word and ask his Spirit to speak to you as you read it and reflect on it.

Read: 1 Corinthians 6:1-11


Paul condemns the Corinthian church for taking their internal problems externally for 3 reasons. 

a) It looks bad for the church.

b) The world judges using a different framework

c) The church has to learn how to judge conflict because one day we will do it on a much larger scale.

What does Paul offer as a more Christian response to their disputes? (vs7)

What is the pattern that they’re currently using? (vs 8)


Paul asks the Corinthians why they can’t just overlook some wrongdoings. Why do they feel the need to repay evil with evil? His logic is; we live in a sinful world, so sometimes you have to expect sinful behaviour. His teaching echo’s Jesus during the sermon on the Mount.

Read Matt 5:38-48

When you’re wronged, do you respond like the Corinthians or Jesus?

Can you think of any conflicts where Jesus did stand up for himself or others?

How do you know when you should overlook an offence, and when you should deal with it?

Think about a conflict you’re currently in. How should you respond to it? Could the best thing to do be to overlook it?


·         Thank God for sending Jesus, a perfect example of responding to conflict.

·         Ask God for forgiveness for the times you’ve repaid evil with evil.

·         Ask God for the humility to overlook injustice and the wisdom to know when it’s appropriate.

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