Church #nofilter 8.1


Thank God for his word and ask his Spirit to speak to you as you read it and reflect on it.

Read: 1 Corinthians 6:1-11


It sounds like the Corinthian church were experiencing internal disputes. But, instead of solving the issues themselves, they’d were taking them to court and suing each other. Paul isn’t impressed.

What is Paul’s biggest problem with taking their internal issues to court? (vs1, 4 & 6)

What is the logic of Pauls argument in verses 2 and 3?

He makes these statements like they’re obvious, are they? What does he mean when he says we will judge the world and Angels?

In verse 5, Paul sounds really annoyed. Do you think Pauls question is sarcasm or a genuine question?

In verse 6, Paul seems very worried that this is all happening in front of non-believers. Why might this be?


Disputes are inevitable - both inside the church and outside the church. But, disputes can be good. Notice that Paul doesn’t condemn them for being at odds, he’s just unimpressed by the way they’re dealing with them.

When you experience conflict with others, how do you respond? 

Would you want someone like you in control of mediating yours and others eternal salvation?

Have you ever thought about the way that you respond to conflict represents Jesus?

When we choose sin over God, our relationship with God has conflict. How does God respond?  


·         Thank God that through disputes we learn and grow.

·         Ask God for forgiveness for the times you’ve poorly handled conflict.

·          Ask God to reveal the part you play in conflicts.

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