Church #nofilter 4.3

Thank God for his word. Ask him to talk to you through his Spirit before, during and after you read it.

1 Corinthians 2:13-16

Who’s been giving Paul the words he’s speaking? (vs 13) 

Why does Paul need to use the Spirits words, not his own? (vs13)

For unbelievers to understand the words of the Spirit, what do they need? (vs 14)

The problem that Paul’s addressing in the Corinthian church is their division over different Christian leaders. (1 Cor 1:12)

How do these 3 verses support his argument that these divisions are ridiculous? How do they help his call for more unity in the church?

Paul quotes a question from the Prophet Isaiah. Then he answers it. What’s Paul’s answer?  

At church what things do we all have in common? 

Who is it that united us?

Think of your attitude to our church and the people within it. How could you help us become more you united?

• Thank God for sending his Spirit so that we can accurately talk about and understand spiritual things.

• Ask God to humble your heart in relation to those around you.

• Ask God to help Providence become a welcoming place for anyone and everyone.


Providence City