Church #nofilter 4.2

Thank God for his word. Ask him to talk to you through his Spirit before, during and after you read it. 

1 Corinthians 2:10-12 

Paul mentions 3 different types of spirit. What are they? How do you think they are different? 

According to Paul, if I wanted to know your thoughts, what would I need access to? (vs 11)

By the same logic, how can we understand God? (vs 11)

Is it possible to access Gods Spirit? (vs 12)

What does the Spirit do? (vs 10 & 12)

What do we have to give God to receive his love and salvation? (vs 12)

In gospel conversations, do you feel the pressure to know all the answers? 

According to Paul, why should we have more confidence in what we know? 

To help, what could you do before and during difficult conversations about Christianity?

Do you think it’s okay to admit not knowing an answer?

When you forget that your salvation is freely given, what things do you do to try to pay for it?

• Thank God for allowing us deep and personal access to him through his Spirit.

• Thank God for generously giving us our salvation freely.

• Ask for forgiveness for the times you’ve tried to earn favour with him.

Ask God for access to his wisdom when talking to others about the gospel and ask him to send his Spirit beforehand so that they might understand his wisdom.

Providence City