Church #nofilter 4.1

The Corinthian church has divided itself into smaller groups to align more closely with specific church leaders. To counter this, Paul tells them that the gospel is foolishness to human wisdom and reminds them that they were no different. He also makes it clear that their identity should be in Jesus, not people, which should unite them, not divide them.

Thank God for his word. Ask him to talk to you through his Spirit before, during and after you read it. 

1 Corinthians 2:6-10 

Paul identifies 2 different types of wisdom. What are they? (vs 6 & 7) 

What is the wisdom that Paul preaches? (vs 7) 

How effective is the wisdom of the world? (vs 6)

What is the purpose of Gods wisdom? (vs 7)

Paul says Gods wisdom was previously hidden, meaning it’s now accessible. When do you think it was revealed?  What could this wisdom of God be? (1 Cor 1:22-24)

When did God establish his plan? (vs 7)

“If I saw God, then I would believe.” What does verse 8 think about that statement?

What is the wisdom of our world? How are we in Australia encouraged to pursue purpose & fulfilment? 

Think about your friends, family & colleagues. Are the promises of our culture living up to its claims in their lives? Where is it kicking goals? Where is it failing them?

Why does Gods Wisdom sound foolish to the world?

Think about your own salvation, how much can you take credit for it? How much was the Holy Spirit obviously at work in your heart?

How does this affect the way you approach evangelism?  

• Thank God for sharing his wisdom with his creation.

• Thank God for persevering with humanity even though he knew we would let him down.

• Ask God to send his Spirit to enlighten the hearts of our friends, family and colleagues.

Providence City