Church #nofilter 5.1

Pray and read

Praise God for making himself known to us by his Son. Ask him to give you eyes that see, and a heart which responds with faith and thanksgiving.

Read 1 Corinthians 3 and then re-read 1 Cor 3:1 - 4



How does Paul describe the Corinthian church? 

Why is he frustrated with them? 

What seems to be the issue they’re facing? 

Why would this be a problem for Paul? 



Read 1 Galatians 5:22 - 23

Paul has returned to the problem of ‘competitive bible studies’.  The Corinthians are forming lines behind Christian leaders and it’s leading to disunity and arguments.  Paul is scathing in his criticism, calling them ‘infants’ and their behaviour that of ‘mere humans’.  They are not living by the Spirit.

The Corinthian church show that it’s possible to be a believing, spirit-filled Christian but not live by it.  This looks like not submitting to the Spirit thereby not seeing the fruit of the Spirit grow in your life.  Instead of submitting to the Spirit’s will, we submit to our own and start acting as ‘mere humans’. 

Can you think of areas in your life where you do not submit to the Spirit’s will and do not live as God intended? 

The Spirit’s role is to shine a light on Jesus and help us understand who he is and what he’s done for us.  This is aided greatly by reading God’s word, which reminds of these important truths. 



Ask God for help in submitting to his Spirit and his will for your life

Thank God for his grace and mercy for those times when you don’t get it right

Providence City