Acts: Week 5 Day 4

Praise God. Thank him for him goodness, love and mercy and ask him to speak to you through his word today.

Read: Acts 27 & 28

How did Paul get transported to Rome?

How severe was the storm? (27:14)

How many days were they drifting in the storm? (27:27)

Why was Paul so confident they’d make it through the storm? (27:23-26)

When shipwrecked, how did they get to shore? (27:43-44)

What miraculous events happened during their 3 months on the island of Malta? (28:3-9)

How does Acts end (28:30)

It took 6 chapters and 3 years for Paul to reach Rome after God first told him to go. During that time he was almost beaten to death twice and two other times he narrowly escaped assassination. Paul endured prison for over 2 years and had to publicly defend his innocence 5 times. He was lost at sea for 14 nights, where he was eventually shipwrecked on the island of Malta. Here, he was bitten by a deadly viper, survived without side effect and healed most of their sick. Then, finally, he reached Rome.

Was it worth it? Does the Roman church any have significance in Christian history?

With all this in mind, what can we learn about Gods role in our lives? 

How does this fit with the truth that God loves us?

Often our struggles seem overwhelming in the moment. And they often are. But God is always in control, even when we don’t understand how or why. Think of a friend who is struggling through a tough time and pray for them. Ask God to give them perseverance, love and comfort. Maybe you could call them or text them to encourage them.

• Thank God Jesus, the perfect example of someone who suffered for us and for Gods Glory.
• Ask God to sustain you through your current and future suffering?
• Ask God to constantly comfort you through his Word, with his Spirit and relationships.

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