Acts: Week 5 Day 3

Praise God. Thank him for him goodness, love and mercy and ask him to speak to you through his word today.

Read: Acts 23:23 – 26:32

Re-read Acts 25:13-22 because it’s a good summary of the last 6 chapters.

What are the Jew’s accusing Paul of doing? (25:19)

How long was Paul in Prison for under Felix? (24:27)

What is Festus’ verdict on Paul? (25:25)

What is the Kinds verdict on Paul? (26:31-32)

What does 24:26 tell us about the nature Paul’s trials?

Why did Paul appeal to Caesar instead of standing trial in Jerusalem? (25:3 & 8-10)

How are these two verses related? (23:11 & 25:12)

For the 2 years Paul was in prison, Felix was trying to balance two values. On one hand he could gain favour with the Jews, be more liked and powerful. However, it was also his job was to deliver justice, and he could see that Paul was innocent. That’s why a bribe from Paul was so appealing to him, that way he could get both, more power, and deliver justice. 

Like Felix, do you have desires in your life that are conflicting?

Do you struggle to put God before any of the following things? Status, comfort, money, power, relationships, freedom-of-choice…

What are some other things you over-value?

After 2 years Felix still hadn’t made a decision, because he couldn’t choose which value he cared about more. In the end, he ended up with neither, he didn’t get more power or free an innocent man.

How long have you been trying to balance serving God and serving ______? How’s that going?

Matt 6:24
“No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.”

• Thank God that he saved through grace not by works.
• Ask God to reveal areas of your life that over-value.
• Commit those things to God and ask him help to re-align your priorities.

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