Acts: Week 5 Day 2

Praise God. Thank him for him goodness, love and mercy and ask him to speak to you through his word today.

Read: Acts 22:22-23:22

What saved Paul from being tortured in prison by the Roman Commander? (v24-25)

Considering his recent events, what’s jarring about the way Paul greets the Jewish leaders in the Sanhedrin? (23:1)

Have you ever called someone a “whitewashed wall”? What could it mean? (23:3)

“The enemy of my _____ is my ______” When the situation in the Sanhedrin looked helpless, how did Paul orchestrate an escape? (23:6-10)

Where’s God sending Paul next? (23:11)

How much did the Jews of Jerusalem dislike Paul? (23:21)

God wanted Paul to return to Jerusalem even though he knew all this would happen. Then, even in the midst of this chaos, he tells Paul that he wants him in Rome. Although, a lot of the responsibility of making it there, seems to rest on Paul. Paul had to think of leveraging his Roman citizenship, and Paul had to navigate his own way out of the Sanhedrin.

God is always in control, but he also gives us agency to make our own choices. What areas of your life do you need to re-claim control of?

Which parts of your life do you try to avoid making decisions in?

How can you balance between confidently making your own decisions and confidently honouring God?

Read 23:12-14 then read 24:26-27 it sounds like Paul is still alive years after these men “bound themselves with an oath’. What do you think happened to them? What does it teach you about making promises?

• Thank God for saving us through grace not works.
• Thank God that we aren’t alone in our suffering, that he is always in control.
• Ask for forgiveness for the times you prioritise your comfort over his glory.
• Ask God to empower us with the boldness of his Spirit .

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