Acts: Week 5 Day 1

Praise God. Thank him for him goodness, love and mercy and ask him to speak to you through his word today.

Read: Acts 21:1 – 22:21

In Acts 21 verses 4 & 11 (plus 20:23) God continually warns Paul of something? What is it?

How does Paul respond? (vs 21:12 - 14)

When Paul reaches Jerusalem, how are these prophecies fulfilled? (vs 30 – 33)

What were the accusations against Paul? (vs 21 & 28)

Why might God keep warning Paul about Jerusalem if he actually wanted him to go? Can you think of any reasons?

Do you ever feel that Gods will for you life is at odds with your own?

Honestly, whose glory do you value more, Yours or Gods?

In 21:14 Paul declares “[Let] The Lords will be done.”

Then, only 17 verses later (21:31) we see the Lords will in action – The Jews are dragging him, beating him and “trying to kill him”. Paul sounds very confident before his suffering, but I wonder if he felt as confident in the midst of it.

Have you ever doubted Gods sovereignty in the midst of suffering?

Have you ever feared how loyal you will be when your suffering comes?

When was the last time you set aside your personal plans, desires, or comfort, for the sake of the gospel?

• Thank God for saving us through grace not works.
• Thank God that we aren’t alone in our suffering, that he is always in control.
• Ask for forgiveness for the times you prioritise your comfort over his glory.
• Ask God to empower us with the boldness of his Spirit .

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