Acts: Week 4 Day 2

Pray and read

Praise God that he is at work in the world bringing about his good plans and purposes, especially in the growth of his kingdom. Ask him to help you know him better, that you might grow in loyalty to him as your king. Read Acts 15–16:5.


Why does it matter whether Gentile Christians get circumcised or not? (cf. Gal 5:1-6)

At the council in Jerusalem, how does Peter argue that Gentiles shouldn’t be required to obey the law in order to be Christians? What does the council determine?

What day you make of Paul then circumcising Timothy? (16:3)


No one argues that Gentile Christians need to be circumcised anymore, but the controversy highlights a perennial danger. Where do you see the dangers of legalism in your own life and in our church? How do we honour and obey God without seeking to be justified by our own works?


Pray that the gospel would shape and renew us day by day. That we would live lives of love for Jesus without putting our hope in the works of the flesh.

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