Acts: Week 4 Day 1

Pray and read

Praise God that he is at work in the world bringing about his good plans and purposes, especially in the growth of his kingdom. Ask him to help you know him better, that you might grow in loyalty to him as your king. Read Acts 13–14.


What are Barnabas and Saul (aka Paul from 13:9) commissioned to actually do?

Barnabas and Paul’s mission approach was to bring the gospel to the Jews first in each place they visited, and then to the Gentiles. Why do you think it mattered? (see 13:46-8)

How does Paul proclaim Jesus when he is addressing a Jewish audience? (e.g. 13:16-41)

How does Paul proclaim Jesus when he is addressing a Gentile audience? (e.g. 14:14-17)

What different types of responses do we see to the gospel during this mission trip?


Who is the primary actor in bringing Jews and Gentiles to believe in Jesus? (see e.g. 14:27) How does this give us confidence as we seek to reach our city with the gospel?

What can we learn from the way Paul accommodates his gospel presentation to Jews and Gentiles? How can we accomodate the gospel to our culture so that it can be understood without compromising it in the process? 


Praise God for his mission to the world to draw people from every tongue and tribe and nation to his son. Pray that God would pour out his Spirit upon us to empower us for the mission that he calls us to.

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