Acts: Week 3 Day 4

Pray and read

Praise God that he is at work in the world bringing about his good plans and purposes, especially in the growth of his kingdom. Ask him to help you know him better, that you might grow in loyalty to him as your king. Read Acts 12:1-24


What happens to Peter in this passage?

What happens to Herod in this passage?

Who is responsible for these events? How is the church involved in these events? 

What might be God’s purpose in these things (see v24)?


In this passage we see God’s hand at work in spectacular ways to achieve his plans and purposes. He is in charge! Do you believe God is in control of your circumstances (even if you can’t see it in spectacular ways)?

We’re told multiple times of the church’s prayerfulness in this passage. Do you pray for other people, including those who minister God’s word to you? Do you pray for our church? For the spread of the gospel in Perth? Could you add these things to your prayers?


Praise God that he is a powerful and sovereign God. Ask him to be at work calling many people in Perth to know Jesus as Lord (you might like to name people you know).

Providence City