Truth to Power: Malachi Day 4

Pray and read

Praise God that he has been merciful and compassionate to you in his Son. Ask him to reveal himself to you in his word, convicting and strengthening your heart, that you might grow in faithfulness to him. Read Malachi 3:13-4:6.


Amongst those who call on the Lord there are two different attitudes – what are they? 

How does God promise to act – toward those who fear him? Toward those who don’t? Why is his promise good news for those living in Jerusalem after returning from exile?

To what extent do you think these promises have already been fulfilled in Jesus? What aspects might still be to come when he returns? What reasons do you have for your answer?


How might you cultivate a heart which rightly fears the Lord?

How would fearing the Lord affect the way you perceive injustice (whether large or small)?


Praise God that he is both just and compassionate. Ask him to grow in you an appropriate fear of him, that you might entrust yourself to his keeping in all things.

Providence City