Truth to Power: Malachi Day 3

Pray and read

Praise God that he has been merciful and compassionate to you in his Son. Ask him to reveal himself to you in his word, convicting and strengthening your heart, that you might grow in faithfulness to him. Read Malachi 2:17-3:12.


What questions to the people ask of God throughout this passage?

What is the issue the people have with God (see 2:17)? Is this attitude right? Why/ why not?

How is God going to respond to their complaint? In that day, Israel will get more than they bargained for – in what way (see 3:5-6)?

What hope remains for those who fear the Lord?

Read John 2:13-25. In what way has Jesus already fulfilled God’s promise?


In this passage, we see the people of God looking sideways at those around them, calling on God to bring justice, and yet they haven’t examined their own hearts before him.

Do you find yourself looking sideways at others in judgement, or envy and seeking God’s justice for those things? If so, in what kind of circumstances?

How ought you to approach God instead? What hope does this passage give you?


Praise God that he doesn’t change, but is steadfast in character and faithful to his promises. Confess the times when you’ve looked sideways at others and grumbled before God. Ask him to grow you in humility before him.

Providence City