Truth to Power: Malachi Day 2

Pray and read

Praise God that he has been merciful and compassionate to you in his Son. Ask him to reveal himself to you in his word, convicting and strengthening your heart, that you might grow in faithfulness to him. Read Malachi 2:10-16.


What are the charges God brings against the people in these verses?

What is the reasoning used to justify those charges (see v10 and v15)?

How might the people’s unfaithfulness in marriage be symptomatic of the same problem leading them to be unfaithful in their sacrifices?

Read Ephesians 5:21-33. What is Paul’s reasoning for wives and husbands to be faithful to one another in these verses? How is it similar to what you read in Malachi? What has changed because of Christ?


If you are married, does the way you treat your husband or wife honour the Lord? What’s one thing you could do (or not do) today which would build up your marriage? 

If you are not married (and hope to be one day) what guidance do these passages give you on the kind of person you might pursue?


Ask God to help you honour him in your singleness OR as you relate to your husband or wife. 

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