Acts: Week 2 Day 2

Pray and read 

Praise God for making himself known to us by his Son. Ask him to give you eyes that see, and a heart which responds with faith and thanksgiving.  

Read Acts 6 and then re-read Acts 6:8-15


How is Stephen described in this chapter?   

Where does opposition arise from?  How do they plan to trap him?   

Why do you think the charge in v14 would be so offensive to those listening in the Sanhedrin?   

What do you think the men of Sanhedrin were thinking when you read v14 and 15?    

Apply + Pray  

Being a Christian in the ‘public square’ has become increasingly difficult in the past 20years.  In Australia, we live in a post-Christian society and many of us have to make decisions about the issues for which we are going to make a stand.   Just liked God helped Stephen, we too can ask God to help us speak truthfully and persuasively when given the opportunity in potentially difficult situations.   

Do you pray for times to share your faith?   

Do you pray for help when you do get those opportunities?   

Is there a specific person that you could be praying for opportunities to speak with?

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