Acts Week 1 Day 4

Pray: Praise God and ask him to speak to you through his word today. 

Read: Acts 4 


What cost were Peter and John willing to pay to spread the gospel? (vs 2-3) 

How would you describe Peters speech to the High Priest and his family? 

What enabled Peter to talk so articulately and confidently? (vs 8) 

In verse 16 the religious leaders accepted that Peter & John had indeed performed a miracle from God. Yet knowing this, how did they choose to respond? Why? (vs 17) 

Would you ever pray a prayer like they prayed in verse 30? 


Why is it hard to share the gospel with your friends, family and strangers more? 

Do you trust the Holy spirit to have your back like he had Peters when talking about Jesus? If not, why not? 

The Holy Spirit is the 3rd member of the Trinity, meaning he is God and won’t make a mockery of himself when working through you. Your biggest challenge isn’t to be smarter, it’s to be braver. 

In verse 26, we see the earliest Christians praying scripture. Do you ever do this? Take some time to pray through a Psalm.  Perhaps you a short one you can learn off by heart so that you can use it at other times.   

Verses 32-37 paints a beautiful picture of Christian community and sacrifice. Why do you think Luke included this description? Do any of the practices of the early church challenge you, your priorities, security or boundaries?  


  • Thank God for the power of his Holy Spirit. 

  • Pray Acts 4:24b-30. 

  • Re-pray verse 29. Ask God to enable you “to speak his word with great boldness” 

  • Ask God for a heart that is more willing to engage in his community with your time, money, gifts and prayers. 

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