Acts: Week 1 Day 3

Pray: Praise God and ask him to speak to you through his word today. 

Read: Acts 3 


Peter and John don’t have any money to offer the crippled beggar, but they do have something, what is it? (vs 6-7) 

How does Peter respond when people praise him for healing the crippled man? (12-19) 

How does Peter describe God’s plan for the world in v 21? Does this differ from the way you have thought about the ‘end days’? 

What does Peter promise God will do in verse 19 when the Jews repent?   


Peter is moving through the city, healing the sick and preaching to the local Jews.  The same power that raised Christ from the dead is now healing the lame beggar and convincing Peter’s listeners that they need repent and be forgiven.   

God wants to show that no one is unworthy or too far from God’s spirit.  Whether it be the seemingly lowly beggar or the people that crucified his son.  All need Christ equally and all can be forgiven and refreshed when they repent.   

Is there anyone that you view too far from or, unworthy of, God’s forgiveness?   

What convinced you that you needed to God?  How do you see the holy spirit at work in your life?  How do you see it at work in the life of others?   


  • Thank God for the gift and work of his spirit  

  • Thank God that has forgiveness is available to regardless of social status or sin 

  • Pray for those less fortunate than you. 

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