Acts: Week 1 Day 2

Pray: Praise God and ask him to speak to you through his word today. 

Read: Acts 2 


What happened when the Holy Spirit was poured out? (vs 4) 

Hearing all the foreign languages around them,  the people ask a good question: “what does it mean?” (v12). How would you have answered that question? (vs 17-21) 

In verse 17, Peter’s saying these are ‘the last days’ that Joel prophesied about. But that’s now 2000 years ago. What do Joel and Peter meant by these being ‘the last days’? 



Paul makes it brutally clear they - the Jew’s listening - were as responsible for Jesus’ crucifixion as the Romans. Yet he still offers them forgiveness through Jesus - the very man they killed. What hope does this give you for the sins you have and continue to commit? (vs 38-39) 

Read verses 42-47. Is this how the Christian life and community should look? Is this how your Christian life looks? If not, what’s missing? 

Do you approach life and situations differently knowing the presence and power of God is inside of you? 

The Holy Spirit’s job is to point us and others towards Jesus. You might already know this, but do you believe it when you’re telling someone else about Jesus? How does that knowledge encourage you? 


  • Thank God for the gift of his Holy Spirit. 

  • Ask that God would help us become a fellowship of believers like the ones described in Acts 2. 

  • In response to verse 38, confess your sins to God and ask for forgiveness. 

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