Acts: Week 1 Day 1

Pray: Praise God and ask him to speak to you through his word today. 

Read: Acts 1 


Acts was written by Luke, the same author as the Gospel of Luke.  

Acts 1:1-10 is a “Last week in Luke” moment where he recaps what he wrote in Luke 24:33-53. Read these two side by side and compare. 

Historians agree that Jesus lived and died, but Luke is convinced of even more than this.   What evidence does Luke provide of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection

What promise does Jesus make that we’ve already seen fulfilled? (Acts 1:5, 8 & Luke 24:49) 

Which promise are we still waiting on? (Acts 1:6-7 & Luke 24:44) 

When and why will Jesus return? (Acts 1:6-7) 

When the disciples went back to Jerusalem to wait for the Holy spirit, they didn’t know what to do – so what did they do? (Acts 1:14) 

In verse 26 the disciples cast lots to determine God’s will. Why do you think they tried to ‘determine God’s will’ this way? Is this okay? 


What is your natural response when you don’t know what to do? 

Do you think of prayer as more of a chore or a blessing? Is it another thing for the list or a way to hand your list to God? 

Jesus said he would rise from the dead, and he did. He said he would send his Holy Spirit, and he did. If you believe his third promise - that he will return – how does it change your perspective on life? 


• Thank God for being true to his promises 

• Pray for those you love who are unsaved so that when Jesus returns they may enter glory with him. 

• Ask God to continue empowering and leading you by his Spirit in whatever situations you’re facing. 

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