Truth to Power: Micah Day 4

Context: Micah 7:8-20 is the end of the third and final cycle of judgment to hope. 7:8-20 is completely focused on God’s promises and the hope that is in God. 

Read: Micah 7:8-20


What is the great hope of Micah in 7:8-10?

What does God’s act of salvation 7:14-17 remind you of?

Remember the name of Micah? It means “who is like Yhwh”. Look at 7:18-20 and see the three characteristics that makes God incomparable.


7:18-20 is an incredible ending to Micah that focuses on the incomparable riches of God’s mercy. It testifies that God will accomplish what he promised such a long time ago, that he will destroy sin and pass over transgression. However, the incredible riches of God’s grace only make sense against his judgment for sin! We cannot have one without the other.



  • Thank God for his judgment and mercy.

  • Ask God that he would help you live faithful and fruitful lives because he has destroyed the judgment for your sin in Jesus (Rom 5:20-21)

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