Truth to Power: Micah Day 2

Context: In Micah 2:1-13 we are still within the first cycle of judgment to hope. Micah prophesies judgment in 1:2-2:11 and hope in 2:12-13.

Read: Micah 2:1-13


What is the specific sin of the wealthy in 2:1-2? What is God’s judgment in 2:3-5?

What is the specific sin of the false prophets in 2:6-7, 11?

God speaks through Micah in 2:12-13. What image of God do you gain from 2:12?

What image of God do you gain in 2:13?



The term “remnant” means a small section of God’s people that remains his after exile from God’s promised land. In 2:12, God promises to gather this remnant from exile with the tenderness and care of a shepherd with their flock. In 2:13, God passes before them with the majesty and might of a King. This highlights for us, even when we become aware of our sins, our response is to follow and trust in our God.



  • Thank God that even with the heavy words of judgment from Micah, God is gathering his people as a merciful Shepherd-King.

  • Ask God that he would grow your trust and faithfulness as follow him in every area of your life.

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