Truth to Power: Micah Day 1

Context: Micah is a book of three cycles of judgment to hope. In the first cycle, Micah prophesies judgment in 1:2-2:11 and hope in 2:12-13. Micah’s ministry occurred between 750-686BC. This is after the God’s people had split into two nations: Israel in the North, Judah in the South. Although much of Micah’s ministry is to the sinfulness of the South, substantial parts of his prophecy are directed at the sinfulness of the North. Micah’s ministry would eventually overlap the fall and exile of Samaria in 701BC, the capital of the Northern tribes.

Read: Micah 1:1-9


What do you notice the description of Micah’s prophecy in verse 1?

What is the extent of Israel’s and Judah’s sinfulness in verse 2-5 and verse 9? Keep in mind that Samaria is the capital city of the North and Jerusalem is the capital city of the South.

What is God’s judgment in verse 6?

What is God’s judgment on other gods in verse 7? What does this tell you about the specific sins of God’s people?



Micah is an abbreviation for “Who is like Yhwh?” As we will come to see, God’s words of judgment through Micah are unparalleled in their justice and standard of holiness. This judgment would eventually result in Samaria’s destruction and exile to Assyria in 701BC. Consider the justice of God and how great our sins are before our Holy God.     



  • Ask God that you would revere God in his holiness and judgment

  • Ask God that you would grow a likeness in God’s heart against sin and idolatry

  • Thank God for his grace and mercy in Jesus (Rom 3:23-24)

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