Truth to Power: Micah Day 3

Context: Micah 6:1-8 is the beginning of the third and final cycle of judgment to hope. 6:1-5 take the form of God’s complaint speech, where 6:6-8 is called a Torah entrance liturgy. It meditates on who is acceptable to enter God’s presence according to his Law. There is an urgency in 6:1-8. One could imagine it was written in 701BC as Assyria, after destroying Samaria in 722BC, launches an attack on Jerusalem and is banging on the door.  

Read: Micah 6:1-8


Who is God calling as witnesses in 6:1-2?

Note what action God does in 6:4 and the action he commands his people to take in 6:5. What do you notice about these verses? (Shittim is the last camp east of the Jordan River. Gilgal is the first camp west of the Jordan River. The Jordan River is the river the Israelites crossed just before the promised land).

Read 6:6-8. What is the people’s problem before God?



Does your faith in God’s grace lead to fruitful and faithful actions to serve God and others?

Sometimes we can read Micah 6:6-8 in isolation from 6:1-5. When we do so, we can conclude that God isn’t interested in faith or his Law, but rather only in justice, kindness and humility. However, reading the context of 6:6-8 demonstrates that God desires all those things that come from a heart that remembers and follows God’s gracious acts (6:5).  Jesus demonstrates a similar principle in Matthew 5:21-26.



  • Ask God that he would help you to remember your salvation in Jesus and that this would lead you do greater works of service.

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