Week 15: Day 4

Read: John 17:20-26



At this stage of John, not many people fully understand who Jesus is. How did the truth get from that room to the rest of the world? (vs 20)

What is at the heart of Jesus prayer for future believers? (vs 21, 22, 23)

Why is unity of all believers so important to him? (vs 21)

How much does God love us? (vs 23)

What did God give Jesus and why? (vs 24b)

Jesus tells the Father that he has given us the same glory that the father gave him. (vs 22) How is this encouraging?  (vs 25)



Read: Phil 2:1-5

Firstly, take some heart that in praying for unity, Jesus expects it to be something we struggle with.

Think about your attitude to other denominations or even other types of people within our church. How could a change in your attitude help the gospel grow?

Why do you think unity is important when it comes to evangelism and our Providence’s ‘face to world’? 


Thank God for access to him in the son by the spirit

Thank God for the perfect example of unity in the Trinity.

Ask God to change your attitude towards others both inside and outside of our church.

Ask for an opportunity to introduce your non-Christian friends and Christian ones.


Providence City