I AM Week 15: Day 3

Pray: Praise God and ask him to speak to you through his word.

Read: John 17:13-19


What is Jesus’ overriding emotion, despite knowing he is about to suffer? (vs 13)

Why do you think Jesus prayed that they might also have this joy?

What is the consequence of the disciples receiving God’s word? (vs 14)

3 times, in 7 verses, Jesus says the disciples are like him in that they are ‘not of this world’. What do you think this means? (vs 14, 16, 18)

Jesus wanted the disciples to remain in the world even though they no longer belonged to it and were hated by it. Why might this be? (vs 14)

What does ‘sanctify’ mean? How does God sanctify? (vs 17)


The more our culture distances itself from Christianity the more we should remove ourselves from the culture. Do you think Jesus would agree with this statement? Why, why not? (vs 14-15)

Does this mean we should be indistinguishable from our world? (vs 14)

Has your faith made relationships, workplaces or social situations difficult for you? Does your faith ever cause you stand out? How did this make you feel?  How do you find a balance between maintaining relationships and living for God? 

“We must never think of our cross as our penalty; we must think of it as our glory….when it is hard to be a Christian, we must regard it as our glory, as our honour given to us by God.” – W. Barclay

How do you view suffering for Jesus? 



Thank God that, through Jesus, we are saved from the sin and death of this world

Thank God for the faithfulness and perseverance of the disciples so that we might also know the truth about Jesus.

Ask God to change your perspective, so that like Jesus, you can find joy in suffering for the gospel.

Pray that like the disciples, our suffering will prove fruitful for the gospel.

Pray that you’ll be courageous, gentle and kind when put in difficult situations because of your faith

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