I AM Week 15: Day 2

Pray: Praise God and ask him to speak to you through his word.

Read: John 17:6-12


How many times does Jesus say ‘they’? Who are the ‘they’ God gave Jesusout of the world?

How does Just know his disciples finally understand? (16:29 – 31)

Jesus seemed to strongly believe the disciples needed protection. (vs 11-12) What kind of protection does it seem to be?

Who is Jesus be referring to in verse 12b?

Jesus is pretty clear that this prayer is specifically for the disciples (vs 6, 9). Can we therefore apply these verses to ourselves? How?


Jesus did amazing things on earth, but he didn’t take credit for himself (vs 7). Do you think about your gifts, talents and actions as humbly as Jesus did? How can you use them to bring glory to God?

Even Jesus – who is God – commits the people he knows and loves to the father. How often do you pray for others? Does it feel like a burden – another thing you have to do? Or is it a comfort as you commit them to a loving God?


Thank God for the truth of his word, that even after 2000 years it continues to be a revelation of who he is and what he has done for us

Thank God for any gifts and success he’s given you and ask that he’d use these for his glory.

Pray for anyone that God puts on your heart

Providence City