I AM Week 15: Day 1


Praise God and ask him to speak to you through his word.

Read: John 17:1-5


What does Jesus ask God to do for him? and why? What do you think he’s referring to? (vs 1)

What is eternal life? (vs 2-3)

Notice Jesus’ language in verse 4. He says that he has finished what God sent him to do. Do you think he has, or does this seem preemptive?

Why do you think Jesus moves from praying in the third person to praying the first person?

What did Jesus have to give up to come to earth and save humanity? (v.5)


Read: Phil 2:5-11

Jesus asked God to glorify him - and for the right motives. But, immediately after this chapter Jesus is arrested, humiliated, beaten and crucified.

When you ask God to help you glorify his name, what kind of glory do you expect?

Jesus gave up his glory, so that we might also, one day, experience the glory of God. In response to Jesus’ sacrifice, God exalted him to the highest possible place. Jesus’ life sets a pattern for Christian that involves temporal sacrifice and suffering in order to experience a future, eternal life.

What does this mean for your life? Is God calling you to lay something down for him?


Thank God for sending Jesus so that one day we might also be glorified in his presence.

Ask God to help you follow Jesus’ example of giving up your glory for the sake of God’s glory

Ask for forgiveness for the times when you try to hold onto things that glorify you

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