Speaking Truth to Power

Over the coming weeks we will be exploring some of the minor prophets at church. We can’t cover them all but each week we will engage with one book to try and understand its message for Israel and for us.

This Sunday we will be beginning with Hosea, but rather than divide up that book into sections to read, here are some activities to do over the course of this week to try and get ready both for Hosea and for this series.

Preparing for the Minor Prophets

  1. Have a go at making a timeline of the Old Testament for yourself. Over the last two years we’ve read through Samuel and Kings at church. Where do they fit in? What can you remember from them? Here’s a list of things you might like to try and include on your timeline.

  2. Watch the BIble Projects’ summary of 1 & 2 Kings to revise what we learned from Kings last year. It is helpful to have an idea of the overview of the history in Kings because the prophets spoke to Israel in the midst of the sin and idolatry which Kings describes, calling on the nation to repent.

  3. Read through Hosea 1–3

    1. What did God command Hosea to do?

    2. What ended up happening?

    3. What was Israel supposed to learn from this enacted parable?

  4. Watch the Bible Project’s summary of Hosea. How would you summarise the message of Hosea in your own words?

  5. Pray for our church as we hear God’s word to us through the prophets. Pray that we would both understand what the prophets were saying to Israel, and hear what they have to say to us in light of the death and resurrection of Jesus.

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