I AM Week 14: Day 4

Pray that God will reveal himself to you through his word today, so you might love and trust him more.

Read John 16:23-33


When might ‘that day’ be (16:23) and why would the disciples no longer ask Jesus anything then? (See also 16:30)

Why does the Father love the disciples? (16:27)

What kind of trouble would the disciples have ‘in this world’ (16:33, see also 16:2-3 and 15:18-21)

How has Jesus overcome the world? (See 16:11)

Apply: This section contains the only two imperatives (command words) in the chapter, ‘ask’ (v 24) and ‘take heart’ or ‘have courage’ (v 33).

How might you abide in Jesus by obeying these two commands this week?

Pray that the trouble of this world will drive us to the Father in prayer, and that we might take heart in the truth of the gospel and find our peace in Jesus.

Providence City