I AM Week 14: Day 2

Pray that God will reveal himself to you through his word today, so you might love and trust him more.

Read John 16:7-15


What two titles does Jesus give the Holy Spirit here?

Where will the Spirit come from, and who will send him? (15:26, 16:7)

What work will the Spirit do? (15:26, 16:8, 13-15)


In the sermon on John 14 we heard that the disciples would do greater work than Jesus because of the role the Holy Spirit would play in bringing people to a saving knowledge of him.

Meditate on verses 8-10 and ask God to continue to pour out his Spirit on the world to do this work.

Pray: Thank God the Father for sending the Son and the Spirit so that we can have our sins forgiven, trust that our righteousness is in Jesus, and be confident that evil in the world has been condemned and will end!

Providence City