I AM Week 14: Day 1

Pray that God will reveal himself to you through his word today, so you might love and trust him more.

Read John 15:26-16:6


Who is Jesus talking to here (15:27)?

Why is he saying these things (16:1, 33)?

Why might the disciples go astray (16:2)?

Can you think of someone who fits the description in verse 2? Was he beyond God’s mercy?


Jesus is preparing his disciples for life on earth without him, which includes warning them about persecution and rejection.

Does remembering that God is in control of all the rejection you face help you to cling to him rather than stray?

What if he also was planning to rescue your persecutor?

Pray that you won’t falter when facing rejection for following Jesus, but will trust God with the outcome and be able to pray for those who reject or mistreat you.

Providence City