I AM Week 16: Day 4

Pray and read

Heavenly Father, thank you for sending your Son into the world to rescue your people. As I anticipate the memorial of his death and resurrection this week, please reveal the sin in my heart and prompt me to repentance and faith. Give me joy in my salvation and hope in the kingdom of your Son. Read John 20:1-31.


When Mary discovers Jesus’ body is missing from the tomb, what explanation does she give? What does her explanation (and that of the disciples) reveal about her understanding of Jesus’ teaching prior to his death?

Mary meets Jesus by the tomb, and yet doesn’t recognise him at first. What does prompt her recognition? Does this call to mind earlier parts of John’s gospel (e.g. John 10:1-18)? 

How does Jesus’ respond to Thomas’ disbelief? What encouragement is there for us in his response, especially as we experience doubts?

What response is John hoping for in his reader? What benefit will they receive?


Do you believe Jesus is the Messiah, the king God had promised to send his people?

Do you ever experience doubts? How might Jesus’ kindness to Thomas encourage you to respond to your doubts?


Praise God for the life we have in Christ because of his resurrection. Ask God to help you in times of doubt to look to Jesus for help and comfort.

Providence City