I AM Week 16: Day 3

Pray and read 

Heavenly Father, thank you for sending your Son into the world to rescue your people. As I anticipate the memorial of his death and resurrection this week, please reveal the sin in my heart and prompt me to repentance and faith. Give me joy in my salvation and hope in the kingdom of your Son. Read John 19:17-42.


What stood out or struck you about this crucifixion (perhaps in comparison with what you remember of the other Gospels)? What details does John include? What does he leave out?

Note all the references to the fulfilment of Scripture. Why might John have included them? What do they add to the account?

Verse 35 is curious. What do you make of it? What does John want the reader to believe? How might it fit with the purpose of the whole Gospel (see 20:30-31)?

Why do you think John included the details about Jesus’ burial? Why are they important?


In this passage John gives his account of Jesus death on the cross as “King of the Jews.” Do you believe his account his true? If so, what difference does it make? What hope can it bring you today? If not, what would it take to persuade you?


Thank God for Jesus’ death on the cross. Thank him for the forgiveness he offers, and the freedom from sin, death and the devil. Ask God to renew in you the joy of your salvation.

Providence City