I AM Week 16: Day 1

Pray and read

Heavenly Father, thank you for sending your Son into the world to rescue your people. As I anticipate the memorial of his death and resurrection this week, please reveal the sin in my heart and prompt me to repentance and faith. Give me joy in my salvation and hope in the kingdom of your Son. Read John 18:1-27.


Trace the movement of Jesus throughout this passage. Where does he go? Do you notice any significance in his movements?

What do you notice about Jesus’ response to his accusers? In what he says? In his manner?

Who are the other primary characters in this passage? How is each character presented? What’s their relationship to Jesus like? 

What distinction is there between Judas’ betrayal of Jesus and Peter’s denial of Jesus?


Are you ever tempted to deny Jesus? Or to just leave the fact you’re a Christian out of a conversation? Why? What threat do you perceive?


Ask God to forgive you for times you have denied Jesus, or failed to acknowledge you follow him. Ask him to grow you in boldness in declaring your allegiance to Jesus.

Providence City