I AM Week 10: Day 4


Father we praise you for revealing yourself to us in Jesus and sending him to save us. Help us to know you better through your word today.

Read John 12:37-50


Do you find v 37 surprising? Depressing? Encouraging??

What do you think it is it about Jesus that blinds the hearts and eyes of some (v 40, also Isaiah 53:1, Matt 13:14-15, Acts 28:25-27)

Who does Jesus say he is in v 44-45?

What will happen to the one who rejects Jesus (v 48)? How will that come about?


Jesus was eventually executed because of his claim to be God. This was the crime of blasphemy, and he was guilty even if he was crazy and really believed it. The religious leaders remained blind to the true nature of Jesus despite all he had done to reveal himself. For those who reject Jesus, his message acts to harden their hearts even further; this was also what happened to those who rejected the prophets of Israel.

How would you respond to someone who says that Jesus was a good teacher but not God? If he really is God, can you trust that his words are true and good, and does that make it easier to obey him?


Father thank you for drawing us to you so that we can understand and respond to your word. Help us to proclaim Jesus as he really is. Please soften the hearts of our families and friends who don’t accept you as their king, so that they might turn to you and be saved.

Providence City