I AM Week 10: Day 3


Father we praise you for revealing yourself to us in Jesus and sending him to save us. Help us to know you better through your word today.

Read John 12:20-36


Why were the Greeks at the festival (v 20)? See also v 19, 32 and John 11:51-52

What does Jesus mean by ‘the hour has come’ (v 23)? (See also John 2:4, 7:30, 8:20.) Why might the request from the Greeks have prompted this response from Jesus?

Why might Jesus say it’s good to hate your life in this world (v 25)? What could this not mean? (See also Luke 14:26)

Why does Jesus not want to ask his Father to save him from this hour (v 27)? What is the Father going to do in this hour (v 27-28)?

What other things will happen at this time (v 31-32)?


Jesus says that his death will draw all people, or all kinds of people, to himself. It will bring judgement on the world and defeat Satan. How can this knowledge help us as we face difficulties in our lives?


Father thank you for all the things you accomplished for us on the cross. Help us through your Holy Spirit to remember the truth of your victory against evil, that we might have confidence to live in joy knowing that no punishment from you can now await us.

Providence City