I AM Week 10: Day 2


Father we praise you for revealing yourself to us in Jesus and sending him to save us. Help us to know you better through your word today.

Read John 12:9-19


Describe each of the crowds mentioned and why they were there (v 9, 12, 17, 18).

Jesus comes into the city on a donkey to cries of ‘Hosanna!’ (‘Salvation now!’). What might the crowd think is happening? What concerns the Pharisees (v 19)?

Read Zech 9:9-10. What is Jesus proclaiming by his actions? In what way is this different to the victory procession of an earthly king? Why do you think Jesus rides a donkey rather than a ‘warhorse’ (Zech 9:10)?


Jesus has attracted crowds of people who want to be close to him for different reasons. What kinds of things attract people to Jesus and his teaching? Do you ever find yourself going after Jesus to get something he hasn’t promised?


Father thank you for Jesus’ life and work on the cross for us. Thank you that through him we can have life to the full now and for all eternity. We’re sorry that we often lose sight of that and long for Jesus to give us earthly blessings now. Help us to know Jesus as he really is and rejoice in the gift of himself.

Providence City