I AM Week 10: Day 1


Father we praise you for revealing yourself to us in Jesus and sending him to save us. Help us to know you better through your word today.

At the end of the last chapter Jesus withdrew from Jerusalem to an outback town called Ephraim because the religious rulers had ordered his arrest. Now he comes back to Bethany, which was close to Jerusalem, and attends a dinner party.

Read John 12:1-8


John is counting down to the Passover festival, the third and last in the book

Picture the scene in verses 2-3. Why might it have been noted that ‘the house was filled with the fragrance of the perfume’?

Why might Mary have wanted to honour Jesus in this way?

What was Judas’ objection to what Mary had done? Do you think he would have been able to enjoy the lovely smell? Why not?

How does Jesus defend Mary (v 7-8)? What do you think he is saying about himself here? (Read Deut 15:11 for the fuller meaning of the scripture he quotes.)


Jesus again predicts his death and burial, and uses it to defend Mary’s act of extravagant devotion as valid and appropriate. Does costly devotion to Jesus in the lives of others smell good to you or make you feel uncomfortable? How might a view of Jesus as precious affect that?


Father thank you for sending Jesus to die for us as the perfect Passover lamb. We are sorry that we are distracted from his great worth by material things. Help us to love him more each day and rejoice with our brothers and sisters that we can worship him.

Providence City