I AM Week 13: Day 3

Pray and read 

Give thanks to God for calling you to faith in the Lord Jesus and ask that he would fill you with the knowledge of his will, through all the wisdom and understanding his Spirit gives. Read John 15:9-17.


What similarities do you notice between verses 9-17 and verses 1-8? How might verses 9-17 help you understand verses 1-8?

According to Jesus, how do we remain in his love? How do you make sense of this?

What is Jesus command? What will be the results of obeying his command?


How do you show love to your Christian brothers and sisters? Are there opportunities to show love to them which you haven’t yet taken up?

Are there people or situations in which you are tempted not to love them? How do Jesus’ words here help you?


Thank God that Jesus has loved you in the greatest way, by laying down his life for you. Ask God to help you love your Christian brothers and sisters, motivated by the love you have received from Jesus.

Providence City