I AM Week 13: Day 2

Pray and read

Give thanks to God for calling you to faith in the Lord Jesus and ask that he would fill you with the knowledge of his will, through all the wisdom and understanding his Spirit gives. Read Psalm 80. 


A similar metaphor of a vine in used in this Psalm, but the characters are slightly different. Who is the gardener? Who is the vine?

What is the complaint of the Psalmist with regard to the vine? 

What happens to the vine in the end?

In John 15:1 Jesus call himself the true vine. How does Psalm 80 help us understand what Jesus means when he says this? 


Where Israel failed to be a vine which produced fruit, Jesus came as the true vine, whose branches will produce fruit if they are connected to him.

Are you producing fruit? If so, what will enable you to keep producing fruit? If not, what does John tell you is the way to do so?


Praise God for sending Jesus, the true vine.

Ask God to keep you connected to him, and so to bear much fruit.

Providence City