I AM Week 12: Day 4

Pray and read

Give thanks to God for calling you to faith in the Lord Jesus and ask that he would fill you with the knowledge of his will, through all the wisdom and understanding his Spirit gives. Read John 14:15-31


Jesus promises to send them an advocate (or comforter or counsellor, depending on your translation). Who is he talking about? 

What kinds of things will the Holy Spirit do when he comes, according to this passage?

Jesus urges his disciples a second time not to let their hearts be troubled. What words of comfort does Jesus offer here?


If you trust in Jesus, then God the Father has given you his Spirit, who lives in you. What difference does this make – As you seek to know Jesus, and make him known? As you struggle with sin? As you experience doubts? As you suffer grief in trials? As you long for the new creation?


Father I praise and thank you for sending your Spirit to be with me. Thank you that he lives in me, growing, strengthening, comforting, and empowering me. May he be at work in me today, that I might bring you glory. Amen.

Providence City